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    1.   The Appraisal Services - This service includes the collection and use of a variety of objective and subjective personal, psychological, and

          social data about a pupil for the purpose of better understanding the student.

    2.   Informational Services - This service is designed to provide parents, teachers, and students with knowledge for educational, vocational, and personal-

          social planning.

    3.   Counseling Services - Individual and small groups

    4.   Planning, Placement, and Follow-Up Services

    5.   Consulting with teachers, parents, and administrators

    6.   Supportive Guidance Services - Referral of pupils who are in need of help and assistance with test.

    7.   Orientation of new students

    8.   Substance Abuse Prevention and Education Programs

    9.   School Building Level Committee Input

    10.  IEP Conferences

    11.  Referral Services

    12.  Class Guidance Activities (examples- Study Skills, Character Education, Conflict Resolution, Self-Esteem)

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