• Senior Projects at DHS 

    Senior Projects were adopted into the DHS culture in the fall of 2001.  Embedded in the English IV curriculum, students are required to complete a multifaceted project which will give them an opportunity to exhibit skills, knowledge, creativity, and talents which they have been developing throughout their education, and positively influence society in some form.  Students will present their project to a panel of community members as their final exam.

    The project is considered an autonomous independent project led and completed by the student.  However, components of the project are integrated into the English course, and required pieces are graded and input into the student's total PowerSchool gradebook. There are four parts to the project:  Research Paper, Product, Portfolio, and Presentation (Note: In order to pass the Senior Project portion of the course, student must successfully complete and pass ALL FOUR components of the project.) 

    Facilitators of Senior Project are: Bill Plasse, AP English IV; Scott Rigby, English IV Literature; and Melissa Boudreaux, Technical Writing English IV.  Proposals of Intent are reviewed and approved by a Senior Project Advisory Board, which is supervised by Ms. Laura Abbey, Asst. Principal. 

    For more information, or to volunteer to serve as either a student mentor or presentation panel member, contact Stefanie Ward at 985-725-0620.