• Vision

    At Luling Elementary School, we provide a safe and inclusive environment that promotes and celebrates growth, success, and academic achievement. We will engage all stakeholders through continuous collaboration and effective communication to support the individual needs of all learners. We will create and maintain opportunities for positive community engagement to promote growth of the whole child.



    At Luling Elementary School, we will provide a quality academic, social, and emotional education that empowers all students to be successful individuals by cultivating a safe, positive, and equitable learning environment that establishes a community of love, respect, and achievement. 



    At Luling Elementary School, we believe...

    • data is consistently collected, analyzed, and monitored in order to meet the diverse needs of all learners.
    • all stakeholders are held accountable for establishing and maintaining a risk-free environment.
    • in cultivating an environment where all stakeholders feel safe and respected to express their true selves without judgment
    • in celebrating all students' successes as they grow and develop.
    • in consistent, effective communication that gosters positive relationships and student success.
    • faculty and staff will communicate in a way that is professional, so that all voices can be heard and valued.
    • in persevering through any and all challenges.
    • social and emotional well-being, along with academics, is needed to grow the whole child.
    • our school community provides a safe and nurturing environment where all stakeholders have a sense.