• "We Bloom Where We Are Planted.. GROWing together at LES.  It's Grow Time!!!"

    Welcome to my homepage.  I am Lewis Logan III, and I serve as your Social and Emotional Learning Coach!  The purpose of my job as the SEL Coach is to collaborate with teachers, students, and families in relation to fostering positive relationships, implementing strategies that will increase personalization and positive relationships, while increasing SEL awareness amongst the school community. 



    The ultimate goal is for every genius to master self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, relationship skills, and social awareness within the classroom, which will have a ripple effect on our school, families and caregivers, and our communities. 

    Yet, we need your support!!  

    Be sure to check-in with your genius daily and confirm with buzz words. 

    ie.Tell me how you managed yourself today when you were faced with a problem? ( self-management)

        How is your relationship with your teacher? (relationship skills)

        How is your relationship with other students in your class?  How do you think you can improve your relationship with ...? (relationship skills)

        Are you aware that you did ... when ... occurred? (self-awareness)

       Is there a better way you could've ...? (social awareness) 



Last Modified on August 8, 2022