About Our School

  • School and Community

    St. Charles Parish is located about twenty miles upriver from New Orleans. The Mississippi flows through the heart of the parish and creates one of the most intense industrial concentrations in the nation. In this community rich in industry, St. Charles Parish's educational system ranks among the finest in the nation. The system offers a quality education supported by innovative classroom technology. Students consistently score well above the state and national averages on standardized test. More than 60% of the graduating seniors enter college.

    Middle School Concept

    The middle school is an educational response to the needs and characteristics of youngsters during early adolescence and, as such, deals with the full range of intellectual and developmental needs.

    Young people going through the rapid growth and extensive maturation that occurs in early adolescence need an educational program that is distinctively different from either the elementary or secondary model.

    No other age level is of more enduring importance because the determinants of one's behavior as an adult. Self-concept, learning interests, skills, and values are largely formed in this period of life.

    The academic needs of middle school students are affected greatly by their physical, social, and emotional needs, all of which must be addressed directly in the school program.

    Mission and Vision

    Albert Cammon Middle School provides a challenging instructional program that is aligned with college and career expectations which incorporates rigorous content, application of knowledge through higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills, and instructional activities that promote physical, social, and technological skill development. In our safe, nurturing, and orderly learning environment, students become active and reflective learners. As a school, we work collaboratively with all stakeholders to inspire students to experience the joy of learning.

    Values and Beliefs

    At Albert Cammon Middle School, we have certain values and beliefs that govern our school and guide us in every decision that we make. Based upon what we value as a faculty, these are our guiding principles:

    • Students are the primary focus of all decisions impacting the work of the school.
    • All students can achieve at higher levels when given the opportunity and adequate support.
    • Students learn best when they are actively engaged in meaningful lessons and activities.
    • A safe, physically comfortable, risk-free environment promotes student learning.
    • A commitment to continuous improvement and academic achievement incorporating critical literacy and problem- solving skills across the curriculum enables students to become confident, self-directed, life-long learners.
    • A caring, sensitive, learning environment, which offers a variety of extracurricular opportunities, supports a diverse school culture.