Ms. Bethany Calamusa, Ms. Danielle Schexnayder, & Mrs. Sam Gascon

  • 2nd Grade

    This year we will incorporate Google Classroom with our district provided Chromebooks. Google Classroom is a tool that allows us to post announcements, reminders, and assignments for students and families. To access our Google Classroom, please use the following link:

    Ms. Calamusa, Ms. Schexnayder, and Mrs. Gascon's Google Classroom

    Then, have your child log into their Google account. Once logged in, you can review class announcements, assignments, and the Weekly Newsletter (SIS).


    Our Class Schedule 

    8:30-8:55 Arrival/ Breakfast/ Announcements

    8:55-9:05 Morning Meeting 

    9:05-9:40 CKLA Skills

    9:40-10:30 CKLA Knowledge

    10:30-11:00 Flex Group #1

    11:10-11:40 Lunch

    11:40-11:55 Recess

    11:55-12:10 Heggerty 

    12:10-1:10 Math

    1:10-1:30 Math Small Group

    1:30-1:40 RED Time

    1:40-2:25 Encore

    2:25-3:00 Flex Group #2 

    3:00-3:25 CKLA Skills Small Group

    3:25-3:35 Snack/ Pack Up

    3:35-3:55 Dismissal

Last Modified on February 17, 2024