• Chrissy Rockefeller, RN, School Nurse


    Welcome to my School Nurse Page! This is my 22nd year of nursing and my 10th year working as a nurse with St. Charles Parish Public Schools. I am the School Nurse at Luling Elementary. I have attached various medical forms that may be necessary to complete or update during the school year.

    Immunizations: All students are required to receive state-mandated vaccinations when they turn 4 years old and 11 years old. If your child has recently turned 4 or 11 years old and has not yet received these vaccinations, please make an appointment with your child's doctor ASAP. If your child attends Luling Elementary and is registered for the Access Health Wellness Center, they can get their shots there during the school day. I have attached the registration form below. Please contact me if you need assistance with this process. Turn the up to date immunization record in to the school office once these vaccinations are received.

    Medications: If your child will require medication during the school day, a Medication Order Form will need to be completed by you and your child's doctor. This order form can be obtained from the school office. There is also a link below to this form. A new form will need to be completed by your child's doctor each year on or after July 1st. This completed form along with the medication properly labeled by the pharmacy must be checked in by a parent/guardian with the School Nurse. Students are NOT allowed to carry any medication with them to school. Please contact me to arrange a time to check-in the medication.

    Diets/Allergies: If your child has food allergies/intolerances or needs an otherwise modified diet, please have their doctor complete a Diet Prescription Form. A new form will need to be completed and submitted each school year (on or after July 1st). You can obtain a copy of this form from the school office. A link to the form is also attached below.

    Access Health Wellness Center: Please use the link below for more information regarding the Access Health Wellness Center. Consent forms can be found on the righthand side of their page. Students cannot be seen by Access Health without a current consent form on file. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email using the contact information below.

    Chrissy Rockefeller, RN, BSN


    Luling Elementary: 985-785-6086


    Medication Order Form

    Medication Order Form Page 2

    EpiPen Order Form

    Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan

    Special Diet

    Seizure Action Plan

    Emergency Nasal Medication Order Form

    Immunization Exemption

    Access Health/LES Wellness Center Website

    Flu Guide for Parents

    Access Health WebsiteAccess Health Consent Form

             Access Health Website                Access Health Consent Forms

Last Modified on June 22, 2023