• To encourage school spirit and pride in your school.
    • To promote physical and mental development.
    • To develop lifelong values and skills.



    • To provide opportunities for participation in a wide variety of activities during every sport and competition season.
    • To be an integral, well-coordinated part of the middle school curriculum.
    • To assist participants in the development of athletic and leadership skills.
    • To develop effective time management strategies.
    • To develop socially through cooperation, competition, and appropriate standards of behavior.



    • Promote and uphold school spirit, unity, and pride.
    • Represent the school to the highest degree.
    • Set an example of good behavior and sportsmanship at all times (whether in uniform or not).
    • Promote friendship with each other and with schools with whom we compete, perform, and go to camp with.
    • Promote the development of lifelong values and skills.