Degrees and Certifications:

University of Holy Cross

Mrs. Caitlyn Champagne-Blanchard and Ashley Barrett

Welcome!! My name is Caitlyn Champagne-Blanchard. This will be my third year at Luling Elementary School. I studied Elementary Education at the University of Holy Cross. I am super excited about this school year! Please email me for any further information needed!

My name is Ashley Barrett, and I am the Special Education teacher! I co-teach with Mrs. Blanchard and Mrs. Bordelon daily. I am in both classrooms all day following Mrs. Blanchard's homeroom and help all students to succeed! If you need information regarding your child's IEP or any other info, please feel free to contact me at


  • Morning Meeting 8:40-9:05

    Encore 9:05-9:50

    Social Studies 9:50-10:20

    ELA Small Group 10:20-10:55

    ELA 10:55-11:55

    Silent Reading 11:55-12:10


    Recess 12:10-12:25

    Lunch 12:25-12:55

    ELA 12:55-1:55

    ELA Small Group 1:55-2:25

    Social Studies 2:25-2:55

    Flex Group 2:55-3:40



Last Modified on November 25, 2023