• The Mission of the Young Men of Luling Elementary (YML) is to:

    • Provide our young men (2nd to 5th graders) with the opportunity to develop life skills and strategies to help them to excel at home and in school.

    • Encourage self confidence in socializing with peers and adults

    • YML members serve as a positive example by being an asset to society through volunteering, kindness to others and giving back to society.

    • Develop healthy living strategies that envision a positive future and a successful career through creativity and entrepreneurship

      Young Men of Luling Vision Statement

      To strengthen the family structure by training young men to actively listen (thinking before speaking, allowing differing points of view, no criticizing, considering who/what/where the conversation is to facilitate building positive relationships), learning by doing (connecting school education and home responsibilities), being polite and being an advocate for what is right through example.  

      On a weekly basis, they will receive free tutoring and training on how to know themselves and be a productive young man at school, home, and in their neighborhood.