Public Information

  • Mission

    The district’s Public Information Department’s mission is to provide one clear voice to effectively implement two-way communications for the district and all segments of the community, in order to improve student achievement by establishing a culture of proactive, customer focused quality service.


    Effectively engage the entire community into the educational process in order to provide life-long learning opportunities for all stakeholders.

    Our vision promotes the use of a variety of communications media (web sites, TV production, print, e-mail, etc.) that will:

    • support teaching, learning, and assessment
    • tell the district's story with one clear voice through the use of print, broadcast, and electronic media
    • open new venues of effective communications
    • engage all of the district's stakeholders through the use of current and emerging communications media
    • be used to produce high quality products
    • be used to seek out stakeholders and get them proactively involved
    • become a real-life experience for students, facilitated by teachers
    • be used as a tool to support the district's goals
    • support parental involvement activities in the schools
    • be used as a method for receiving feedback from parents and the community
    • provide timely access to school information and student information to parents upon demand
    • be identified as the primary method of distribution of information for board members and administrators