"Work-Based Learning is one of 12 elements of high-quality CTE, defined in ACTE’s comprehensive, research-based Quality CTE Program of Study Framework. This element addresses the delivery of a continuum of work-based learning involving sustained, meaningful interactions with industry or community professionals that foster in-depth, firsthand engagement with the tasks required in a given career field. Experiences may be delivered in workplaces, in the community, at educational institutions and/or virtually, as appropriate, and include a range of activities such as workplace tours, job shadowing, school-based enterprises, internships and apprenticeships" (https://www.acteonline.org/professional-development/high-quality-cte-tools/work-based-learning/.) 

    In short, participating in a work-based learning activity allows you to 'test drive' a career before investing time and resources in pursuing it.  

    DHS offers several types of WBL - Job Shadowing, Internships via Satellite Center Courses, School-Based Enterprises, and Volunteering.  We are currently working to establish a collaborative apprenticeship program for seniors.

    Job Shadows & Internships

    Job shadows provide students the opportunity to see firsthand the kind of jobs that exist within their chosen career cluster. This experience takes place at a business/industry in the community, observing an employee (host) while they work at their jobs. The program is provided for all sophomores and juniors.  Documentation must be completed along with the observation time, and the absence will be coded as an Excused School Activity.  Transportation to and from the job site is the responsibility of the student.  

    If you would like to become a host for the Job Shadow Program or the Student Internship Program or would like more information, please contact one of our staff via email or by calling (985) 725-0620.  

    Internships & Satellite Center Courses

    Students who schedule AIDE periods in their senior year will assist in various office roles at DHS. Those include the main office, the library, the counseling suite, and the School-to-Career office.  Students enrolled in Advanced TV Broadcast, STAR, Patient Care I & II, Culinary Arts, Theatre, Digital Media, and Interactive Media will work cooperatively with real-world clients, providing real-world services as part of their coursework.  Some of those internship hours are paid positions. To learn more about course offerings at the SCPPS Satellite Center, click HERE