Public Records Requests Procedures

  • I. In compliance with the Louisiana Public Records Act, the following guidelines and fee schedule will be followed within St. Charles Parish Public Schools.

           A. A person requesting a public record must submit the request in writing. The request may be documented either in an electronic format or a paper format. A District Public Records Request Form is available to document such requests. Once the request for public records is received, the request will be forwarded to the appropriate Executive Staff Member for a response. In addition to the custodian of the requested record, one copy of the request will be forwarded to the Superintendent’s office, one copy to the Director of Public Information and one copy will remain at the receptionist’s desk, if the request is made in person.

                 1. When a request is made, the custodian of the records in each department shall have the records made available in accordance with the law so that the individual can view the records or secure a copy.

    B. If a person requests public records, the following are established as reasonable fees:

    1. Viewing of an existing document – Fees may be charged if viewing occurs after regular business hours
    2. Copies (electronic or paper) – $0.25 per page
    3. DVD/CD – $25.00  

      *The cost regarding any other format will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

    C. The payment process for records is as follows:

    1. Payment must be made upon receipt of the product with cash or check
    2. Payments must be made in advance for records not received in person (electronic or mailed)
    3. Employee completing the transaction will convey the fee to the Business Office and secure a receipt for the individual receiving the product

    *Jobs estimated to be in excess of $50.00 will require a deposit of $50.00.

    For assistance, contact the Director of Public Information.