• English I Honors Grading


    Quarter Grades:

    In accordance with the St. Charles Parish grading policy, summative grades are 60% and formative grades are 40% of each quarter's grade.


    Honors Bonus Points: 

    Grades for this course are weighted by the awarding of additional percentage points to each quarter grade (not quality points).

    Students who earn an A for a quarter grade are awarded 7 additional percentage points.

    Students who earn a B are awarded points.

    Students who earn a C are awarded 3 points.

    Students sho earn a D or F receive no additional percentage points.


     Final Course Average:

    The final English I Honors grades is computed as follows.

    Quarter 1 or 5      20%

    Quarter 2 or 6      20%

    Quarter 3 or 7      20%

    Quarter 4 or 8      20%

    LEAP 2025 score   20%