Unit 3: World Religions

  • Unit 3: World Religions

    • How did the major world religions originate and spread throughout the world? 
    • Why is religion important to people around the world and to what extent are the major world religions similar? 
    • How do religious beliefs affect social and political structures?

    IMPORTANT - World Religions Booklet: 

    Students will create a world religions booklet for this unit. It is important that students keep up with this booklet and bring it to class daily. Students can use this to study from throughout the unit. 

    *If you are ABSENT: Pick up your work in class in the designated area and check Google Classroom for missing assignments and keep up with your booklet.

    Unit Assessments

    • Formative Assessments
      • Any work completed in class can be graded. This includes bell ringers, quizzes, exit tickets, worksheets, discussions, etc. 
    • Summative Assessments (100 pts)
      1. Unit 3 World Religions Document Based Test - This will include various multiple choice, technology enhanced questions, and written questions. 


    • Students should know the basic beliefs, the founders, origin place, spread of, and holy text of each of the major world religions. 
    • Monotheism, Polytheism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Siddartha Gautama, Torah, Bible, Quran, Tripitaka, Vedas, Mecca, Jerusalem, Aryans, 5 Pillars of Islam, 10 Commandments, Four Noble Truths, Eight-fold Path, karma, Caste System, Nirvana
    • Quizlet Link 

    Unit At A Glance: 

    Week of January 27th 

    • Introduction to World Religions
    • Tolerance: Why is it important to be tolerant of other's beliefs? 
    • What is monotheism?
    • Complete the Judaism and Christianity section of the world religions booklet.

    Week of February 3rd 

    • How did Christianity, Islam, and Judaism spread? 
    • Complete the Islam section of the world religions booklet.
    • What are the 5 Pillars of Islam? 
    • How are all 3 monotheistic religions similar? How are they connected to the city of Jerusalem? 

    Week of February 10 

    • Quiz on Monotheistic Religions 
    • Social Studies LEAP Practice Test
    • What is the caste system?
    • Complete the Hinduism and Buddhism section of the world religions booklet

    Week of February 17 

    • How are Hinduism and Buddhism similar and different? 
    • How did Buddhism spread? 
    • Practice LEAP Task Set 
    • Unit 3 Test

    Mardi Gras Break

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