Unit 4: Africa and Asia - Expanding Trade

  • Unit 4: Africa and Asia - Expanding Trade

    Unit Claim: Is trade necessary for advancing civilizations? 

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    Unit Assessments

    • Formative Assessments
      • Any work completed in class can be graded. This includes bell ringers, quizzes, exit tickets, worksheets, discussions, etc. 
    • Summative Assessments (100 pts)
      1. Silk Road Journal - Creative writing assignment using documents about the Silk Road 
      2. Unit 4 Essay - Answering the unit claim above (Is trade necessary for advancing civilizations?) 


    • Silk Road, Han Dynasty, Marco Polo, Buddhism, cultural diffusion, trade, exchange, import, export, Trans-Saharan trade route, caravan 
    • Major characteristics of each African Kingdom - Mali, Ghana, Songhai

    Unit At A Glance: 

    Week of March 2nd

    • Introduce Unit Claim - Is trade necessary for advancing civilizations?
    • Chinese Dynasties 
      • Review Geography of China 
      • How can geography help or hurt trade?
      • What are the major characteristics and inventions of the major Chinese Dynasties (Shang, Zhou, Qin, and Han)?
      • Which dynasty had the largest impact on China and the modern world? 
    • Introduct Silk Road Project 100 points 
      • Background Essay - Read and answer guiding questions 
      • Document A - Journal Prompt #1 (20 points)

    Week of March 9

    • Silk Road Project 100 points 
      • Document B, C, D, E - Journal Prompts #2-5 (20 points each)

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    Week of...

    • African Kingdoms Group Research Project
      • Students research their kingdom's characteristics, create a Google Slide Presentation, create a product to represent their kingdom, and present to the class 
      • Africa Geography - What are the major geographic features of the area?
      • What are the major characteristics of the kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai?

    Week of...

    • Unit 4 Essay 100 points