• Home Learning Opportunities

    Sample Schedule and General Resources 

    From Central Office Curriculum and Instruction Staff - Sample Schedule and Resources

    • Visit the link above to get a sample schedule of home learning as well as resources for all subjects. 

    Ms. Ocmand's World History

    Please visit my Google Classroom for specific resources.

    1. Complete Silk Road Project
    2. Read Daily Articles on Google Classroom / Answer Questions
    3. Tune in to Virtual Learning Sessions on Fridays at 1:00PM (Through Google Classroom) 

    More detailed information below: 

    Silk Road Project

    • At this time, there are still many students who have not turned in their Silk Road Project. This project was completed in class from Thursday, March 5 - Thursday, March 12. Students were given some additional time to put finishing touches on the project or complete assignments if they were absent. I need students to turn in this project as soon as possible so I can grade it. It is the final summative 100 point grade for Quarter 3. Please check PowerSchool or Google Classroom to see if this assignment is missing for your student and have them complete it and hit the turn in button when they are complete. 

    Daily Articles

    • I will be posting articles daily on Google Classroom for students to read. These articles are related to topics we have already covered in world history and are between 2-4 pages in length.
    • At the end of each article are 4-5 multiple choice questions about the article. There is also an answer key on the last page. Please encourage your student to read each article and attempt the questions at the end. Either print the resource or have your student write down their answers on a scratch sheet of paper, and then check the answers afterwards. 
    • I also post an overarching question or two for each article. I encourage students to post their thoughts on this question or any other comments they have regarding the article. 

    Virtual Learning Sessions- Social Studies

    • Fridays starting at 1:00 PM in Google Classroom
      • 1st period: 1:00
        3rd period: 1:15
        4th period: 1:30
        5th period: 1:45
        6th period: 2:00
      • Due to the awesome turnout of students participating in the session, I have decided to break down the virtual chat by class period. It is much easier to hear all voices with fewer students in the chat. Please log on at your designated class time. 
    • Link: meet.google.com/brv-jaxm-jsr
    • Students will be invited to participate in a virtual learning chat via "Google Hangouts". The link to log into the virtual chat will be posted on Google Classroom and opened up on Friday at 1:00. Expect a virtual chat every Friday at this time.
    • Students will be able to see me and each other and be able to communicate in real time through verbal discussion and chat forum. 
    • During this chat I would like to allow students the opportunity to share their experiences over the break and discuss the weekly readings. During this time students may ask any questions they have regarding the readings or class in general.
    • I am always available to answer questions via email or through comments on Google Classroom, not just during this virtual learning session. 


    I look forward to hearing from everyone on Google Classroom and through our Virtual Session!

    Ms. Ocmand