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    ***Please email your finished artwork to me tjoffrion@stcharles.k12.la.us  and put Artwork in the subject line.***


    Nature Collage - 1.  Go on a nature walk to collect items such as leaves, sticks, flower petals, rocks, etc.

                             2.  Arrange them on a surface.

                             nature   nature1


    Shadow Pictures - Make shadow pictures outside on the cement when the sun is behind you.

                               Materials - Plastic Objects (bottles, toys, etc)

                                              Piece of paper


                                             Crayons (optional)

    1.  Find an object or objects around the house that will stand and not flop over.

    2.  When the sun is behind you, place the object on the edge of the paper.

    3.  When the shawdow of the object is showing on the paper, trace the shape with a pencil.

    4.  Then you can add the details such as words, shapes, dark and light areas, etc.

    5.  If you would like to add color, you can use crayons. 

    shadowart1 shadowart2 shadowast3 shasowart4 shadowart5



    Hand Line Art -  You will trace your hand with a pencil or ask someone to trace your hand.  Then add a variety of lines on the inside of the hand you traced on the paper.  Remember to include straight, ziz-zag, curved, and dashed. Try to draw different types of lines you have never drawn. You may outline your lines with a pen, colored pencils, markers or crayons.


     Kindergarten - First Grade - Go on a line walk and look for different types of lines. (straight, curved, wavy, diagonal, vertical, horizontal, zig-zag, dashed-dotted) Draw a picture using different types of lines. How many types of lines did you use in your artwork?


    Second - Fifth Grade - Go on a primary and secondary color walk. Look for the primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and secondary colors (orange, green, purple).  Discuss which primary colors are mixed to make the secondary colors. (yellow+blue=green, blue+red=purple, yellow+red=orange) Draw a picture using the primary and secondary colors.  Try to use different types of lines in your artwork.  How many different types of lines did you use in your artwork?


    Go on a Primary Color Walk!

    Look for the primary colors. (red, yellow, and blue) Draw a picture using the primary colors.


    Go on a Line Walk! 

    Look for different types of lines. 

    Use different types of lines to create a picture or create a line drawing.


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