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    We are very excited about the first week of our Virtual NES Book Club!

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  • Literature Activities

    I hope you are taking time to read! 

    Retelling is an import part of reading.  Retelling shows how well you comprehended what you read.  Please use the graphics organizers below to retell a story you read or to recall facts from a nonfiction text.

    Reading Response Sheet - A reading response asks the reader to examine, explain and defend their personal reaction to a reading. 

    Reading Response

    Fiction Story Map - This graphic organizer shows comprehension of the story.

    Nonfiction Graphic Organizer for Illustrations - This graphic organizer helps younger students recall facts from a nonfiction text.  Students can illustrate what they learned.

    Nonfiction Graphic Organizer with Lines - This graphic organizer helps older students recall facts from a nonfiction text.  Students can write sentences to explain what they learned. 

  • Smore Image