• Boys and Girls try to get at Least 60 minutes of exercise a day.

    Get off the sofa and out of bed. Get some fresh air and sunlight. 

    Make sure to eat well balanced diet for your meals and lay off of too many snacks durring the day.

    Try to limit screen time on the tablets, TV, and video games to under 2 hrs a day), unless doing school work.


    Different activites to do at home:

    Throw and Catch (football, baseball, softball, frisbee, ball)

    Dribbling (basketball, soccer ball)

    Shooting (basketball, soccer)

    Riding (Bikes, skateboards, roller blades, skates)

    Dancing ( Just Dance, Dance to music, Videos on line, make yor own dances)

    Excercise ( jumping jacks, push ups, ab/crunches, planks, jump rope)

    Running( run, jog, walk) at park, levee, or in neighborhood