READ ALOUDS WITH MS. GARCIA :) <1. The fox talks the piglet out of eating him 3 times. What were the 3 things the fox did for the piglet? 2. Do you think the story will repeat itself with the bear? 3. At what point in the story did your prediction change? 4. Do you think the pig is a trickster? 5. Pretend you are the fox. What would you have done next? 6. Pretend you are the piglet. What would you have done to the bear? 7. Draw the events in the story! 8. Write a letter to the bear warning him about the piglet! 9. Act out the story with your family!> <1. The story is about ways that children have tried to catch the Easter bunny. Have you ever tried to catch something? Draw and write about it! 2. What were 3 traps you remember from the book? 3. How would you catch the Easter bunny? Draw and write about it! 4. Make your own trap with things around your house! 5. Draw, color, paint, or decorate an Easter egg! 6. Make a bunny hat! 7. What would it be like if you were the Easter bunny? Write about what you would do if you were the Easter bunny.> <1. Draw your own firehouse and fire truck 2. Draw yourself with fire equipment 3. Who would be your fire partners? Draw them! 4. Retell this story to your family 5. Identify the characters, setting, and major events in this story? 6. Draw yourself and Pete putting out a fire. Write about how you saved the day.> <1. How will you help the earth? 2. There was 15 ways of doing little things everyday that make a BIG difference. Name 5. 3. When is Earth day? 4. Why do you love the earth? 5. Draw a picture of you taking care of the earth.>
Last Modified on April 19, 2020