• Writing

    *New 4/6

    Here are some ideas to practice writing:

    When your child is practicing writing, make sure that he/she uses the correct lowercase letter formation shown in the file below:

    Your child should be using the tripod pencil grip shown in the picture below:

    Tripod Pencil Grip


    If your child is confusing the letters b and d, have them use this technique to tell the difference:

    Say the word "bed" and notice that the first sound is /b/ and the ending sound is /d/. Tell your child that he/she will make a bed with his/her hands. Position his/her hands as shown in the picture below. The thumbs are the ends of the end and the part between thumbs is the flat part of the bed where you lay down. Point out that the thumbs face the same way as the shape of the letters b and d when making a bed.

    b and d

    Have your child write an informational writing telling what they know about non-fiction topics such as farms, plants, animals, seasons, food, sports, or any topic that they are interested in!

    • Example: I know that hens lay eggs. 
    • Your child should be using the sounds they hear in words to spell words independently. At this time, students are expected to write words using beginning and ending sounds. If they are able to write middle sounds as well, that is great! 

    Click here for a printable informational writing paper

    Click here for a writing checklist

    Due to school closures, BrainPopJr is offering free access for families for a limited time. This is a great resource for your child to learn about nonfiction topics in order to write an informational writing. 

    Listen to or read a nonfiction book from Epic! or myON to learn new facts about a topic. Then, write an informational writing about what you learned. 

    If you choose to write an informational writing about an animal, this is a cool resource to engage your child!

    You can see an animal in your house if you Google search an animal name (on iPhone or Android) and then press ‘View in 3D’. It opens your camera and will show you the animal moving in your room. You can walk around it and take a picture with it. Below is a list of animals that you can search for. 

    • Lion
    • Tiger
    • Cheetah
    • Shark
    • Hedgehog
    • Duck
    • Emperor penguin
    • Wolf
    • Angler fish
    • Goat
    • Rottweiler
    • Snakes
    • Eagle
    • Brown bear
    • Alligator
    • Horse
    • Shetland pony
    • Macaw
    • Pug
    • Turtle
    • Cat
    • Octopus
    • Dog