• Hello All! 


    Since we are now in Phase III of our online learning journey, I will now be posting weekly challenges for grades K-2 and 4-5.


    These challenges are meant for you to explore one topic per week and become a true musical master at it! 

    Each day has a new challenge so that you can truly explore your knowledge! 




  • Challenge 4: 4th & 5th



    Outcome: I can listen to music.

    Go to : https://www.classicsforkids.com/games.html


    Level 1: Explore the Composer Timeline on Classics for Kids website


    Level 2: Choose a Composer on the timeline (on Classics for Kids) to learn more about him/her. Read the article, listen to the music, and/or listen to one of the shows on that composer.


    Outcome: I can listen to and respond to that music.


    Level 3: Complete Level 2 then make a slideshow about that composer and his/her music. Email it to your teacher or post on google classroom. 

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  • Challenge 4: K-2

    Outcome: I can sing patriotic songs.


    The best way to spread Memorial Day cheer is singing loud for all to hear!!!


    Memorial Day is an American holiday, observed on the last Monday of May, honoring those who have served in the U.S. military. 


    Memorial Day 2020 occurs on Monday, May 25.  Let’s use our singing voices to pay tribute to honor those serving our country.  


    The Star-Spangled Banner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmMO-n2Ax6E


    Oh, I Love America



    *Note* both songs are downloaded in the K-5 at home learning folder in the drive. 


    Level 1: Watch the videos and sing along as you are able. 


    Level 2: Watch the videos and sing along confidently.  You might even be able to memorize the words. 


    Level 3: Add some movement to your singing.  Clap, tap, or stomp your body to beat.  You might also create some movements to represent the words. 


    Level 4: Perform your patriotic songs.  You can choose one song, or perform them all!  Some ideas for this are: 

    • Sing the songs for your friends or family.  
    • Make a video or recording of your singing and share.  
    • Call or facetime a friend or family member to share one of your patriotic songs.  
    • Send a video or recording of your singing to Ms. Barrios at mbarrios@stcharles.k12.la.us 
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  • Challenge 3: 4th & 5th

    Difficulty Level 1: 2nd/3rd


    “The Beat is the Heart of Music’’- “The Music Show” offers a great learning experience of the fundamentals of music! Take the time to watch Mic the Microphone and Luigi the Baton explain the importance of keeping a study beat. 

    Grade Level 2nd/3rd


    Difficulty Level 2:  Grade- 3rd/4th


    I would like for you to discuss with drummer Pete the difference between a steady beat and a non-steady beat. Drummer Pete will play different beats and it is up to you to determine which beat is steady! Go Luck!


    Difficulty Level 3:  Grade- 4th/5th



    For this exercise, I encourage you to find a homemade instrument or use your hand to clap along with each of the rhythm drills! The goal is to keep the steady beat, by beating/clapping on each quarter note, eighth note, and resting on a rest. (Make sure you are following along with the arrow!) Good luck! 




    Students - See if you can keep up with the clapping game Bim Bum! The mission is to stay on beat and still get all the right-hand signs! Be aware it will get faster! 

    (Every grade level) 


    Dance Challenge of the Week: 

    Celebrate the last week of virtual learning. Join me in dancing to “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” and remember to keep the steady beat! 


    (Email us videos of you and your family doing the dance challenge of the week)


    Thank you for your resilience and ability to adapt to change during this difficult time! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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  • Challenge 3: K-2

    Outcome: I can recognize a steady beat.


    Level 1: Watch the video to explore the beat of music!



    Level 2: Tap along with the Drummer Pete to keep the beat of the music. https://youtu.be/jfbLSvRFqtM


    *Try this with your family! Instruct them to tap a different body part each time* Example: Tap on your knees!


    Level 3: Clap, tap, and stomp your body to beat!

    Use the video and follow along with the rest of the kids!



    Level 4: Test your skills! Use the website https://musicplayonline.com/

    and play the game “Beat or No Beat.” Click the word Beat if you can feel the beat of the music, or click No Beat if you cannot feel the beat of the music. Write down your best score and let your teacher know!


    Website Instructions:

    Type in musicplayonline.com.”

    Scroll down the page & look to the right

    Click “Beat or No Beat”





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  • Challenge 2: K-2

    Outcome: I can use movement to respond to music.

    Use the video practice!

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  • Challenge 2: 4th & 5th

    Outcome - Students will be able to identify the note names on the staff in the treble clef.


    Lesson  - Episode 6 of the hal leonard music show “Lines and Spaces”

    Click Here

    Resource 1 - Staff Wars note identification game

    Click Here

    Resource 2 - Name the Note identification game

    Click Here

    Resource 3 - Carnival game Whack-a-Note 

    Click Here

    Here are some fun resources to teach practice the note names on the treble clef!

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  • Challenge 1: K-2


    Outcome: I can begin to identify instruments by sight and sounds.

    Use the link to play games! 

    Instrument Games



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  • Challenge 1: 4th & 5th

    3-5th Grade General Music

    Week of: Monday, April 27, 2020


    Outcome: I will be able to classify instruments into families by sight and sound.


    Difficulty Level 1:  Instrument Families.pptx

    This powerpoint is suitable for lower levels Grades 1-5 to get a basic idea of the instruments of the orchestra and how they are classified.


    Difficulty Level 2:  Classics For Kids

    Interactive Orchestra Seating Chart


    Difficulty Level 3:  

    Teacher Step 1:  Go HERE --->  Instructor Resources -- Registration


    Teacher Step 2:  Post this link to your platform:  Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra


    Students can save progress by creating a profile - or they can click “Play Game” and play without a profile. 


    Please send any results or questions to mbarrios@stcharles.k12.la.us

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