December 29, 2020



    A test on To Kill a Mockingbird will be administered during the first week of school.  A test on Oedipus Rex (the King) will be administered during the second or third week.  There will be absolutely no excuses accepted.




    Dear Incoming Scholars and Parents,


    Congratulations on your acceptance to the Destrehan High School Honors Program for English! 


    Research has shown that the single most effective way to improve reading, writing, and vocabulary is through reading practice.  Moreover, colleges and universities expect entering freshmen to have had a broad reading experience in high school.  The novel and play I have chosen are relevant to English I Honors, as well as future courses in the Advanced Studies Program and in college.


    For the summer reading assignment, you are responsible for obtaining copies of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird and Robert Fagles’ translation of Three Theban Plays (ISBN 0-14-044425-4) on your own.  Please work with a printed copy of the play so you can highlight, annotate, and answer questions.


    To Kill a Mockingbird aligns with “Hope, Despair, and Memory,” our first Guide Book unit. Although you will be tested on the first day of class, we will examine the novel’s themes more closely throughout the unit.  Honors students must annotate, highlight, and use skills already learned to assure a complete understanding of characters, the plot, and subplots. 


    You must keep a hand-written character log which includes:

    1. First and last name of each and every character as you meet him
    2. One - three SENTENCES explaining who the character is and what is his role in the plot
    3. The chapter number in which the character is introduced

    This must be handed in on the first or second day of class, and it will be assessed.


    Three Theban Plays is the second book.  It contains three of Sophocles’ plays, but at this time you are required only to read Oedipus Rex.  You will also be tested on this play, and it will aid in your understanding of the next Guide Book unit. 

    Note:  The Louisiana State Department of Education has chosen the Robert Fagles’ translation for use in the English I program and the new Louisiana Guidebooks 2.0.  Therefore, this is the edition that you must obtain.  Since the text can be challenging at times, I strongly urge you to begin early and take your time.  

    Note:  An excellent alternative to purchasing Robert Fagles’ translation is to download Oedipus Rex and the accompanying notes from my website.  (I will provide the link to download Antigone before we begin it.) 


    The following two documents need immediate attention.  Both “The Productive Struggle” and the DHS Academic Integrity Policy must be signed and dated by both students and parent(s) and returned on the first day of class, along with the To Kill a Mockingbird assignment.


    All assignments must be completed individually and in accordance with the DHS Integrity Policy for Honors/AP Students. 



    Thank you,


    Ms. F. Kindl

    English I Honors

    Dual Enrollment English III




























    English I Honors – Ms. Kindl

    “The Productive Struggle”



    The Louisiana State Department of Education State Guidebooks Curriculum is a tier one curriculum in which “the productive struggle” is essential for growth and learning. 


    The success of your learning depends on several factors:


    • Without a doubt, the most important factor is your academic integrity. This policy requires that, unless specifically assigned to do so by your instructor, you do not employ the use of any on-line resource. This includes homework, and all assigned writings will be submitted to TurnItIn.com prior to grading. 


    • In the Guidebooks, seldom is there only one correct answer to any question; therefore, your best effort and justification for your well-thought answers are required on every question, work sheet, and required writing. Imperative is your constant awareness that “the productive struggle” is the only way to truly grow in your learning.  Copying from any source shortcuts the essential thinking process and inhibits your success as an Honors/AP student. Please refer to the Academic Integrity Policy for more information.


    • The second factor is your determination to always put forward your very best effort.  I read almost everything you do at some point, whether it is turned in immediately or on a future date.  With thirty-five years of teaching high school, I know what “best effort” looks like and will not accept less than that from you.  As a student who is interested in academic achievement as an advanced placement high school student and as a college student in undergraduate or graduate programs, you must remind yourself daily that everything you do now and in the next four years affects your future.


    • This class moves rapidly. In eighth grade you attended ELA classes (Reading and Writing) for two hours a day for approximately 180 days (360 hours).  At Destrehan High School, classes meet for ninety minutes for approximately 90 days (135 hours).  You are enrolled in an Honors/Pre AP class.  It is essential that you keep up with the pace every day.


    • Finally, do not be intimated by what you do not know. It is essential to learn from your mistakes and hopefully not to repeat them. Perfection is an impossibility but the pursuit of it is crucial. Expect to be challenged in ways that may not be comfortable and know that is a part of the plan for your educational growth. Be persistent, look for patterns, and trust the process. 





    Ms. Kindl



    Printed student name and signature _______________________________________________


    Parent signature___________________________________________


    Block ___________


    Destrehan High School

    Academic Integrity Policy


    Name ________________________________________________

    Academic dishonesty, falsely representing another person’s intellectual property as one’s own, is a serious epidemic in America’s schools. Universities have well-publicized academic dishonesty policies, violations of which can result in serious academic consequences including immediate expulsion. The DHS Advanced Studies Program feels that it is imperative to institute an official policy which demands academic integrity from our Advanced Studies Students.

    Academic Dishonesty can take many forms, including, but not limited to the following:

    • Plagiarism, which may include copying assignments such as homework, class work, Key Concepts, literary papers, projects, journals, summaries of (summer) readings
    • Sharing answers or materials during tests and quizzes
    • Using of unauthorized notes or “cheat sheets” during tests and quizzes
    • Storing answers or unauthorized programs in calculator, cell phones, or other electronic devices
    • Discussing test questions in the presence of someone who has not yet taken the test/quiz
    • Text messaging or taking pictures of information during or after tests or quizzes
    • Removing test materials from the testing room to share with others


    Consequences of Academic Dishonesty

    Students who commit any act of academic dishonesty will face academic and/or extracurricular consequences up to and including expulsion from the Advanced Studies Program.

    The Academic Integrity Policy spans a student’s entire academic career at DHS and does not “start over” at the beginning of every school year or new course.  Consequences from previous violations remain in effect.  This revised policy is effective immediately, beginning in August 2014.


    Future English Honors Courses

    Students must have a final grade average of “C” or higher in English I H in order to continue in English H/AP courses.



    We, the undersigned, understand and agree to abide by the Academic Integrity Policy.


    Student’s signature _________________________________                                                Date ___________


    Parent’s signature __________________________________                                                Date ___________