August 16, 2021

    Dear Parents and Students,

    Welcome to English III and IV Dual Enrollment to DHS for 2020-2021. Each student will finish the course with two grades:  the grade for a three hour college English course that will go on the student's college transcript and an English III credit that will go on the DHS transcript.

    The college credit course is considered a "facilitated on-line course" and will be taught on-line by a professor (the teacher of record) from Southeastern Louisiana University.  Ultimately, he is the one who will grade assignments, tests, and essays.  I will be the facilitator for the college course, aiding and supporting students along the way.  Additionally, I will be the teacher of record for each student's English III credit and will award the credit that appears on the DHS transcript.

    The course requirements are set by the English Department of SELU (see below).  As soon as a professor is assigned to DHS, I will be able to provide a specific course syllabus.

    More information to come later as the first day for SELU approaches.


    English 101 Course Requirements:

    • Four finished, revised essays and two essay exams that are approximately 4-6 pages. Some essay assignments may include research with minimum source requirements.

    • Midterm exam and final exam. Both exams are in-class, timed essay responses to a prompt. Students may or may not be provided assigned readings related to the exam prompt.

    • Other assignments related to learning objectives, such as journal writing assignments, reading and discussion forum assignments, quizzes, or annotated bibliography assignments.

    • MyWritingLab assignment, which includes the Pathbuilder Diagnostic, Learning Modules, and the MasteryCheck. All English 101 students are required to complete MyWritingLab assignments. Please note: minimum requirements for this course include four finished, polished, revised essays and two essay exams. Failure to submit any essay assignment is automatic failure of the course.

    Fall 2020

    • First day of class: August 18, 2021
    • Last day to drop fall-only DE classes: 
    • Last day to withdraw from fall-only DE classes:
    • Last day of fall classes: 
    • Exam:  after Thanksgiving break


    Take care!

    Ms.  Faye Kindl

    English I Honors and English III Dual Enrollment