• 1. Introduction: this week we will be doing an introduction lesson. Please see the attached slideshow. 

    8/10/2020 Class Lesson


    2. This week we will talk about how starting a new year can make us feel as well as ways to cope when we start to feel nervous.

    Feeling Nervous Lesson


    nervous coping skills worksheet


    3. We will be reading the book How Full is Your Bucket for Kids as well as brainstorming ways to fill up the buckets of our family members and friends!

    How Full is Your Bucket for Kids


    4. This week we will be following up on kindness with the wrinkled heart activity. Many classes will also take my pre-test and join my google classroom :)

    Kindness- wrinkled heart


    5. For our fifth class lesson we will talk about ways to focus and calm our bodies after reading It's Hard to be a Verb by Julia Cook.

    It's Hard to be a Verb Lesson