Social Emotional Wellness

Social Emotional Wellness

  • Social Emotional Wellness

    • Considering we are still in the midst of a Pandemic, we know that our faculty/staff and students will continue to need nurturing, guidance and support. We also know that maintaining the social emotional wellness of each stakeholder is critical to the success of our program. That being said, we have created a Social Emotional Wellness (SEW) team to support our faculty/staff and students. 

    Our SEW members include the following: 

    SEW Team Leaders:

    Dr. Iman En-Nabut (Counselor)


    Ms. Ingrid Brass

    School Nurse: Nicole Schulin

    Teacher Represenatives:

    Shannon Knowles

    Stephanie Lorio

    Jason Errington

    Darlene Carter

    The purpose of this team is to support the social and emotional well-being of all individuals in the program. We will do this by ensuring visibility, creating and maintaining clear communication, and by listening, learning, and assisting those in need. We will create opportunities for voices to be heard.