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Michael Melancon

To access Google Classroom please use the following and have your child log into their Google account. Once logged in, you can review class announcements, assignments, and course information.

  • 1A: Resource/Science 6/ELA 7

    2A: Resource 6/ELA 7

    3A: Math 6/Social Studies 7

    4A: Resource 7

    5A: ELA 6/Science 7

    6A: ELA 6/Math 7


    1B: Resource/Science 6/ELA 7

    2B: Resource 6/Physical Education Boys 6

    3B: Math 6/Social Studies 7

    4B: Resource 7/Physical Education Boys 7

    5B: ELA 6/Science 7

    6B: ELA 6/Math 7