• Patient Care I & II:

    The Patient Care course is designed to introduce students to patient assessment and care. In this course, students are performing hands-on skills and learning note taking strategies. This course integrates anatomy and physiology, diseases and medical terminology of the body systems.  Topics such as microbiology, infection control, patient safety, medication administration and body mechanics as related to overall patient health are included. Work based learning strategies appropriate for this course may include professional speakers from the industry and/or field experiences. Oral and written skills are reinforced in this course through problem-based learning, patient scenarios and presentations prepared by students. This course offers the opportunity for students to become American Heart Association CPR certified.  Students must complete 25 hours of teacher approved work in addition to instructional time. Patient Care is a Dual Enrollment course with the River Parishes Community College, Reserve Campus - MAST 1003 for four (4) college credits. This course is offered at the Satellite Center and provides the opportunity for students to earn an Industry Based Certification of AHA CPR. 

    PREREQUISITE:  None              
    Grade level:  11-12       Credit:  1 & 1      Fee: Must have Teacher Approved Scrub Pants and White Jacket, as well as Closed Toe Shoes

    PATHWAY: Health Sciences

    Possible Careers: Doctor, Nurse, EMT, Ultrasound Technologist, Respiratory Therapist