COVID Reporting Survey

  • January 7, 2022

    In place of calling and/or emailing the SCPPS COVID Nurse Team, a Google Survey has been created to streamline the process of gathering needed information. We ask that all utilize the Google Survey via the link found below as an alternative to calling or emailing the COVID Nurse Team. The Google Survey will save time and eliminate multiple phone calls and numerous emails so the COVID Nurse Team may provide guidance in a more timely manner. 

    The Google Survey only needs to be completed if individuals need to report any of the following:

    • Positive COVID test,
    • Close contact to a positive person, or
    • Symptomatic

    The survey can be accessed at: COVID Reporting Survey.

    If you are unable to complete the Google Survey, you may call the SCPPS COVID Nurse Team who will assist you over the phone with completing the survey. The SCPPS COVID Nurse Team may be reached at (985) 785-4072, (985) 785-4073, (985) 785- 4074 or