• Hello!


    This year is the first year that Hurst has a wrestling team so to clarify a few questions:

    The Wrestling Program is for both boys and girls.


    The head Wrestling Coach is Zach Barton.

    Preferred contact is through email: zbarton@stcharle.k12.la.us but all wrestlers parents will have access to reach out through School Status.


    We have received a ton of support from the community and look forward to building this program past this inagural season!

  • Roster by Weight Class:

    71: (empty)

    77: Cam Sco

    83: Ty'r Noe

    87: Kag Mye

    92: (empty)

    97: (empty)

    102: Aar Del

    106: (empty)

    110: Cha Fau

    114: Cat Buc

    119: Rom Arc, Bry Ran

    125: Con Tro, Cai Byn

    130: Gio Pol, Ive Li

    136: Ayd Mur, Ben Tou

    149: (empty)

    165: (empty)

    187: Eth Lap, Mas Her

    250: And Cul, Don Hol

  • Hurst 2022-2023 Schedule:

    (dates are subject to change)

    Dec 9th @ Rummel High, starting at 9am

    Dec 16th @ Rummel High, starting at 9am

    Dec 27th @ Shaw High, starting at 9am

    Middle School Night, Jan 3rd @ Destrehan High

    Jan 27th @ Brother Martin High