Early Childhood Parent Resources

  • Parent Resource: Early Learning Developmental Milestones
    Parents, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), has excellent resources for understanding more about how your child develops: Playing, Learning, Speaking, Acting and more. Starting at 2 months of age through age 5, the CDC’s  “Learn the Signs, Act Early”, a series of handouts and videos on early development and milestones, is at your fingertips. Just Click on the following Link https://cdc.gov/milestones and happy learning! 

    Parent Resource: 5 Steps for Brain-Building, Serve and Return   
    Parents, The Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University has a very informative and parent-friendly resource on child/adult relationships, responsive and attentive with lots of back and forth interactions that build a strong foundation for a child’s brain and future learning and development.  The resource entitled “5 Steps for Brain-Building, Serve and Return” contains  colorful handouts and videos in Spanish and in English that provide a wealth of information, and actual examples of what parents can do with children in 5-Step interactions.  Click the following link https://developingchild.harvard.edu/resources/5-steps-for-brain-building-serve-and-return and happy learning.