DHS Alma Mater

  • On sacred lands beyond compare
    Where river echoes fall,
    Stands Destrehan our school so true,
    To thee we pledge our all.
    Our spirit and our loyalty
    For thee will never die.
    Our love will live eternally,
    Till stars fade from the sky.

    Thy learned walls our hearts enthrall,
    Thy teachings do inspire.
    The tender glow our hearts bestow
    Grows steadily to fire.
    And as the years go slowly by
    We ever will be true.
    The years we've spent, so much they've meant
    Though life fades from our view.

DHS Fight Song

  • Fight, fight for old Destrehan
    Sound out the trumpets
    Strike up the band.
    Lead us on to victory
    Not just a touchdown, two or three.
    Here come the Wildcats tearing along,
    Shouting their victory, singing their song
    As our boys go marching by
    We'll roll on to victory.