• Simplified Classroom Rules:

    1. THE DESK RULE (upon entering the class all students are required to immediately sit at their assigned desk (failure to do so before the tardy bell will result in a tardy), remain there throughout class, and only leave their desk with the permission of the teacher)

    2. THE SPEECH RULE (students are required to maintain silence in the classroom, and only speak once the permission of the teacher has been given)

    3. THE FOOD RULE (food, snacks, chips, beverages, etc. are forbidden from the classroom)

    4. THE TRASH RULE (littering the classroom with paper or any other object is strictly forbidden, all students must clean up area before the bell rings and they are dismissed)

    5. THE NICE RULE (students must, at all times, treat everyone with respect, courtesy, and dignity)


    Consequences if you choose to break a rule:

    1st violation - Remind/Redirect

    2nd violation - Relocate (ISD)/Reflection and the student’s parents will be phoned and notified.

    3rd violation - Lunch Detention and the student’s parents will be phoned and notified.

    4th violation - The student will receive a lunch detention and/or a referral and the student’s parents will be phoned and notified.

    *Violations after the 4th will be dealt with on a one-on-one basis with the school administration

    *Behavior referrals will be submitted to the office for serious infractions of rules


    Class Management / Class Discipline Approach

    At Destrehan High School we take a Restorative Approach to discipline.  Our primary focus, in conjunction with teaching and learning, is to build positive and working relationships.  My discipline management plan will be consistent with the following restorative action steps:

    1. Remind – students will be reminded of rule(s) or directions
    2. Redirect – students will be specifically redirected to the task at hand
    3. Relocate – students will be relocated to either reflect upon (mis) behavior, calm down, or removed from a potentially disruptive situation (If necessary)
    4. Reflect – students will be guided to reflect upon what happened, what could have prevented the situation, and how to make amends to the appropriate parties (If necessary)