• Classroom Rules 

    It is our goal to provide a nurturing and organized environment to prevent distraction and promote learning.  In order to guarantee all students the excellent educational climate they deserve, the following rules will be implemented and strictly enforced at all times:

    Respect yourself and others at ALL times.

    1. Be on time: Students should be seated and ready to begin when the bell rings.
    2. Be prepared: Bring all books and materials to class daily.
    3. Students should not use personal technology in the classroom unless directed to do so by the teacher.
    4. No talking out of turn.



    It is the student’s right to a safe and productive environment; likewise, it is their responsibility to follow these rules in order to do their part in keeping the focus on learning.  If a student chooses to break a rule, the following consequences will follow:


    1st offense- verbal or non-verbal warning

    2nd offense- last to leave class

    3rd offense- lunch detention and parent contact

    4th offense- office referral

    Severe offense - immediate referral to office


    We also believe that students should be rewarded for positive behavior, improvement, and achievement.  In addition to frequent praise, I will also reward students for using appropriate behavior in the classroom. Working together, we can enable your child to have an exciting and successful school year.


  • Classroom Supplies

    • 1 binder for class work

    • blue or black ink pens

    • pencils

    • highlighters

    • sticky notes

    • Index cards