Wildcat Roars
  • Classroom Code of Conduct:

    RESPECT EVERYONE: Most issues in class begin with a lack of mutual respect. Be careful with your speech, throw away trash properly, eat permitted food only, be in your seat, treat people with dignity

    OPTIMIZE LEARNING- ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE: You are here to learn, No phone use in class, no Beats ear buds, or air pods in your ears during class, head up, no sleeping, appropriate food only, give your best effort, no vaping (yuck)!

    ATTENDANCE AND TIMELINESS ARE ESSENTIAL: Whether you are home learning or learning in class, showing up and being on time are a must. Be in your seat before the bell rings, come to school on your assigned days, be on time, focus on your work, and do class assignments on time. At home always complete the attendance form, and complete daily assignments

    RESPONSIBILITY-BE PREPARED EVERY DAY: Having your materials in class each day has to happen. Have required materials in class, pencil/pen, paper, assignments, Chromebook powered up.

    SUCCESS- DRESS FOR IT: Looking awesome and being awesome are a great combo. Wear your mask as required, shirt tails in, no hoodies, belts on, pants up, ID on lanyard around your neck, and obey the dress code.