• Materials:

    1) The proper physical education uniform is the Destrehan physical education uniform shirt and shorts. Shorts are to be worn at the waistline. No sagging shorts.

    2) Socks are required during class.

    3) Tennis shoes are the only acceptable footwear and are required. No sandals, flip-flops, boots, clogs or heels. A student wearing any shoes other than tennis shoes will not earn dress-out points for the day.

    4) DHS PE sweat suits are available to be purchased in the book store and can be worn over or instead of the PE uniform in cold weather situations. Students also cannont wear tights or school clothes under their PE uniforms.

    5) Students MUST bring deodorant to deal with perspiration that occurs during class. Body sprays are NOT considered deodorants.


    Class Discipline Ladder

    1) Warning

    2) Take a break

    3) Lunch Detention

    4) Referral


    Class Rules:

    1) Students cannot leave class without permission at any time.

    2) NO obscene language, gestures, harassment, or disrespect will be allowed.

    3) Help and encourage others showing good sportsmanship at all times.

    4) Treat others the way you want to be treated.

    5) Use and treat equipment properly.



    1) The following methods are to be used for grading physical education students:

    *Participation  – Students will receive 10 pts daily (5 pts for participation, 5 pts for dressing out). Students must dress out and participate everyday. Improper uniform compliance will result in losing dress out pts. Other criteria such as cooperation, sportsmanship, and responsibility will also help determine a student’s participation grade.

    *Homework/Quizzes – Assignments will be given during each unit to make sure students are introduced to all material prior to being tested. Material will come straight from study guide and must be returned on assigned due date. LATE WORK IS NOT ACCEPTED. Any homework assigned will be capable of finishing in 10-15 minutes tops, so there should be no reason to not be able to turn in work on assigned due date.

    *Unit test – Each nine weeks there will be 4 tests administered at the end of each unit. The test will reflect material learned throughout the unit and from study guide.


    Medical Excuses:

    A medical excuse must be obtained from a doctor and given to the teacher to not lose points for the day. STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO DRESS OUT AND OBSERVE WHEN POSSIBLE. Any students having an accident in Physical Education class must notify their Physical Education teacher immediately! The teacher will then issue aid to get the situation properly handled.