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    AT Home Learning: Students should work in their sketchpads when they are not at school. Sketchpads will be graded on Fridays. Assignments for the entire semester were given to students on the first day of class and are listed in my Goolge Classroom. Again, their work will be assessed & critiqued on Fridays while they continue working on their other IEP goals in class.

    ASSIGNMENTS & GRADING POLICY: Students will be responsible for completing at least 3 breadth and 3 concentration pieces in various media and styles. These pieces are IEP requirements. In addition to these IEP goals, daily assignments, tests, and quizzes will be given to help enhance the quality of the breadth and concentration pieces of my students. Each piece will be graded after a written and oral critique in class. IEP grades are worth 60% of students' grades (summative) and daily assignments (formative) are worth 40% of their grade. Students are encouraged to visit museums or galleries and are expected to participate in at least one exhibit during the academic school year.

    MID-TERM & FINAL EXAMS: The Mid-term exam includes a variety of questions and some drawings. The final is usually a project that ranges from creating images to oral and written reports. The final exam changes from year to year.

    SENIOR PORTFOLIO: Seniors are required to present their best work since freshman year to an audience of assessors, parents, teachers, administrators, relatives and friends. This is their final exam which is their senior portfolio presentation will take place in April, 2021.  

    Please feel free to contact me at (985) 764-9946 during my planning period - 4th block (12:46 pm - 2:25pm).


    The mission of St. Charles Parish Public Schools is to provide high quality educational opportunities to enable its students to become responsible,

    productive citizens and enthusiastic life-long-learners.


    Robert Fisher
    BFA (painting & drawing) - LSU Baton Rouge
    Post-Graduate Studies: Chicago Art Institute, Loyola University (N.O.), SU (B.R.), UNO, SLU, the Smithsonian and National Gallery of Art (Wash. D.C.)