Students will need the following supplies in class daily:

    • binder for class work (any size will do!)
    • 5 binder dividers
    • loose leaf paper
    • pens- blue or black ink
    • pencils
    • highlighter
    • sticky notes
    • Chrombook AND charger
  • Research indicates that the single most effective way to improve reading, writing, and vocabulary is through reading practice. Moreover, it is important that students have a broad reading experience in high school. Therefore, summer reading assignments are required of all students enrolled in Honors and AP English classes at Destrehan High School. Click here for Summer Reading Information




    Destrehan High School is implementing the State Standards (SS) this school year. The SS are national learning expectations designed to prepare K-12 students for college and career success. The SS outline what is expected at each grade level to ensure that all students are prepared to succeed in the future. They include clear, understandable, and consistent expectations, as well as rigorous content and application of knowledge through higher-order skills.

    In order to effectively meet the expectations of the SS and guarantee that our students are college and career ready when they exit Destrehan High School, the English department at DHS has adopted SpringBoard as our new teaching resource. SpringBoard is directly aligned with the SS by setting high expectation for students, providing culturally and personally relevant activities, engaging all students in problem-solving and critical analysis, and incorporating rigor to challenge students to think at higher levels.