• If the "product" component of your project involves teaching, coaching, hosting an event, volunteering, construction, or fundraising, you MUST complete the appropriate administrative permission form.  Forms can be found on the "Product Permission Forms" link.  Some forms MUST be turned in with your Letter of Intent - So, read carefully!

    NOTE 1:  If you intend to teach, please know there is a week-long teaching commitment required. YOU are responsible for partnering with a teacher outside of DHS, and your teaching MAY NOT interfere with your regular class schedule.  There is also a very specific timeline you must follow.  Get the required form Ms. Tobin.

    NOTE 2:  NO STUDENT may independently produce an event on campus.  If your product requires use of our facilities, the event MUST occur under the direction of an approved club/organization/sport. The sponsor must schedule the event with Mr. Bryant and must be present and assume responsibility for the event.  Get the form from Ms. Tobin.

    If your product is any type of art or construction piece that you made, you will have to have the work displayed at the Art Showcase at the end of the semester.  If you have another venue planned for a showing, you do not have to participate in the school-based show.  Either way, appropriate documentation is required - written feedback from guests and photographs.