• When writing your Letter, you must communicate the WHOLE picture of what you will accomplish during the project.

    Paragraph 1 - Identify the topic you selected and discuss its personal connection to your life.  You want to make the reader aware that this project topic is either valuable to your personal life, your future professional life, or is a passion of yours.  You may include things you already know or activities you already mastered about the topic.  Lead the panel in identifying what you want to learn next.

    Paragraph 2 - Identify what you will research/investigate in relation to the topic choice.  Your goal is to defend a thesis statement that impacts our society in some way - so, state your research thesis and its supporting points.  Include what you hope the world will learn by your revelations.

    Paragraph 3 - Identify your product and how it is an extension of your research.  The information in this paragraph MUST be very specific.  You must discuss exactly what the product is. What are you doing/making/learning, and "how" will this product change the world?  What resources do you have available to assist you? You need to identify the dates, times, locations, cost involved, etc. Specifically identify who will benefit from your product, and identify the venue in which the product will be displayed/used. How will you share what you learned by doing this product?  (Remember, you need to get written feedback from your audience.)  If your product involves fundraising, hosting an event on campus, teaching, or coaching, you MUST have those forms printed and completed, with signatures, to submit with the Letter.  Those products require you to identify the supervising teacher who will assist.  Again, give all the details. 

    Paragraph 4 - Identify the learning stretch.  This is the MOST IMPORTANT paragraph!  You must communicate how this whole project reflects a high degree of personal challenge.  The stretch must be an "educational" stretch.  While the panel does value "out of my comfort zone" activities, the goal is to communicate new learning experiences you will undertake. 

    Paragraph 5 - Identify your mentor.  You must give the full name of the individual who will mentor you through the entire 4 month process.  Communicate the ways in which this mentor will assist you.

    Paragraph 6 - Copy the plagiarism statement from the sample Letter in the manual.