• Senior Project Interventions

    It is critical that students stay on top of the deadlines that drive senior project.  The advisory board meets during professional learning time to review the progress of all students.  As students fall behind, the board implements specific interventions to help students catch up and progress at a smoother pace.   Consequences may be assigned for any of the following required components:  Letter of Intent, Research Paper, Product, Portfolio, Dress Rehearsal, or Attendance. 

    Upon the first missed deadline, parent contact will be made by the teacher.  From there, a student conference with Mrs. Ward and Mr. Harding will be held, consequence forms will be completed, and documentation will follow the student's progress and become part of the final portfolio. It is the student’s responsibility to sign in on the Intervention Log, for any out-of-school-day consequences served.

    Step 1 - Mandatory TLC on assigned days. (Ward)

    Step 2 - Early Arrival on Late Take-In Days.  Report to library at 7:00am.  You need your own transportation.  (Ward)

    Step 3 - Loss of Early Release schedule. (Harding)

    Step 4 - Adapt. (Harding)