• At the end of each semester, DHS hosts a Showcase Night for any student who needs to display his work to an authentic audience.  During the show, guests will stop at each student station to view student work.  The student artist is expected to explain the product, the steps he took to create it (presentation board), and answer questions about anything related to the piece.   Visitors will complete a "Feedback Form" for the student to use as constructive criticism.  Feedback Forms can be found under the "Product Permission Forms" link.  


    Spring 2020 Showcase is tentatively scheduled for 

    Tuesday, April 7th in the DHS Commons!

    Students MUST sign-up with their teacher no later than

    Wednesday, April 1st to be included in the event.



    • You must distribute personal invitations to have at least 10 people show up to view your work.  Attendees may not count toward more than one presenter.  Student presenters will not count for other student presenters.  All visitors will sign in upon arrival.
    • You must prepare a table cover or table cloth for your station.
    • You must prepare a Presentation Board that contains 8-10 photos of the process of the piece you created.  It should also contain narratives that explain the photographs.
    • You must have the final piece completed and ready for critique.
    • You must print 50 copies of the Feedback Form and bring them, with pens/pencils, to Showcase Night.
    • You must appear in professional dress. NO School uniforms allowed.
    • You must be present for the full showcase time; no leaving early.
    • You MUST get a picture of yourself presenting, and the picture must appear in your panel power point.

      After the show, your "Feedback Forms" must be placed in your portfolio as product evidence.