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  • Content for Week 5 (Monday, February 8th through Friday, February 12th)

    We continue our look at the debates of the Constitutional Convention this week as we examine the Executive, and Judicial branches and their structures as determined by the founding fathers in 1787. We will look at the U.S. Bill of Rights as written by James Madison, and compare it to the original English Bill of Rights from 100 years earlier. To finish the week we will examin the variety of powers within the Constitution and how the concept of Federalism seperates those powers.

    Assessments This Week

    On Friday, February 12th, we will take our 3rd summative test on the content of this week. This assessment will cover both week's 3 and 4 content. A guide will be provided in Google Classroom on Wednesday.

    Homework this Week

    We have issued our Homework 4 assignment below, which is not due until Monday, February 22nd after the Mardi Gras holiday break.

    Excerpt from The Federalist Papers #70 by Alexander Hamilton (March 15, 1788) & Excerpt from The Federalist Papers #78 by Alexander Hamilton (May 28, 1788)


    Important Documents for Honors Civics

    Here you can find the link for the Louisiana Department of Education's new Scope and Sequence that the district is directing teachers to use in all Civics classes.
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    The class syllabus for 2021 can be found here.

    The class homework reading schedule can be found here.

    Here you can find all of the reading selections for homework this year, but some may not be used.

    You can find the 2021 Parent Letter linked here.