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  • Content for Week 18 (Monday, May 23rd - Tuesday, May 24th)

    This is the last two days of school, and we will be reviewing the concept of supply and demand over the next two days to close out this school year

    Assessments This Week

    We only have 3 formative assessments with 3 supply and demand worksheets each worth 5 points.

    Homework this Week

     There is no more homework this school year in my class 

    Important Documents for Honors Civics

    Here you can find the link for the Louisiana Department of Education's new Scope and Sequence that the district is directing teachers to use in all Civics classes.
    ***Using their professional judgment, the content of this document may be altered, modified or added to by the district, social studies departments of each school, or the classroom teacher to accommodate time-frames, logical flow of lessons, content consistency and difficulty, or school schedules.

    The class syllabus for 2021 can be found here.

    The class homework reading schedule can be found here.

    Here you can find all of the reading selections for homework this year, but some may not be used.

    You can find the 2021 Parent Letter linked here.