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    Module 1 of the 4th Grade PhD Science curriculum is Earth Features.  This unit of study is developed around the Essential Question, "How did the Grand Canyon's features form?".  We will work in this module for the first quarter.  We began with Concept 1: Rock Layers, by exploring the Focus Question, "What do Earth's rock layers reveal?". In Concept 2: Weathering and Erosion, our Focus Question is, "How are Earth's rock layers uncovered?".  Next, in Concept 3: Patterns in Features and Processes, we will focus on the question, "How do canyons around the world form?".  We will conclude our study with Concept 4: Human Interactions with Earth, and the Focus Question, "How do humans interact with Earth's features and processes?"  Throughout the module we will make connections to help us answer our Essential Question, make claims, and support those claims with evidence.  We will create a class Anchor Model and Anchor Chart that we will use to record our learning and help us make and support our claims.