Public Participation

  • The Board encourages citizens to appear at its meetings. If someone wishes to address the Board, the following procedures from the St. Charles Parish Public Schools Policy & Procedures Manual must be followed.

    • A speaker must complete a speaker card in person and personally submit it to the Superintendent's secretary or Public Information Coordinator at least five minutes prior to the beginning of the meeting. No cards will be accepted after 6:25 p.m.
    • Individuals will speak in the order in which the cards are submitted and will be allowed three minutes each. The Board can vote to increase or decrease the time by a majority vote. Additional material may be submitted in writing.
    • A group that wishes to speak shall select one person to be its representative.
    • Comments are limited to matters that are strictly relevant to the agenda item. Speakers are not allowed to ask questions or make requests of the Board or Staff. No accusatory comments or comments relative to the performance of specific or potential employees will be permitted.

    Referenced from Policy 2.25-Public Participation at Board Meetings