Meal Prices & Payments

  • Breakfast

    Elementary Breakfast $1.10
    Middle Breakfast $1.15
    High Breakfast $1.15
    Reduced Breakfast $.30
    School Board Employee Breakfast $1.65
    Visitor Breakfast $2.25


    Elementary Lunch $1.50
    Middle Lunch $1.65
    High Lunch $1.85
    High- Food Bar, Deli, and Pizza Line, $2.35
    Reduced Lunch $.40
    School Board Employee Lunch $3.00
    Visitor Lunch $4.25 

  • New Arrival
    USDA Waiver to allow Free Breakfast and Free Lunch for all students

    St. Charles Parish Public Schools announced its policy today that this school year, healthy meals will be offered every school day to all students at no cost. Typically, a student’s household must meet income eligibility requirements to qualify for free or reduced-price meals. However, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued guidance that allows schools to offer meals to all students at no cost for the 2021-2022 school year. 

    While no application or eligibility determination is required for your student to receive free meals this school year, income eligibility requirements will likely resume in the 2022-2023 school year. As such, St. Charles Parish Public Schools will process household applications during School Year 2021-2022 to ensure student eligibility for free or reduced-price meals during the first 30 days of the 2022-2023 school year while 2022-2023 applications are being processed. Each school/site or central office has a copy of the policy, which may be reviewed upon request. 

    The 2021-2022 application for Free/Reduced Price Meals is available online at Applying online is the fastest and most efficient way to apply for meal benefits. However, paper meal applications may be obtained from the school cafeteria or the Child Nutrition Department. Households should fill out one application for the household and return it to the school. Complete either a paper application or an online application, but not both. Additional paper copies are available at each school. Applications may be submitted at any time during the year.  The information provided by the household is confidential; it will be used for the purpose of determining eligibility.  Information may be verified at any time during the school year by school or other program officials.

    If you have any questions, please contact the SCPPS Child Nutrition Department at 985-785-3179 or email us here.

    Thank you.

    Dr. Ken Oertling
    St. Charles Parish Public Schools 

    Online Meal Payment System & Pre-Payment Procedures: 

    The St. Charles Parish Public School System offers nutritious breakfast and lunch meals each school day. In addition, a variety of food items are offered as “extra sales.” Students may pay for extra items daily or the cashier may deduct the sale from the student’s prepaid account. Please contact the cafeteria manager at your child’s school if you do not wish for your child to purchase extra sale items.

    Pre-Payment Procedures
    The procedure for paying for meals is to PRE-PAY by the day, week, month, or year.  To save time, monthly payments are preferred. A check, cash, or money order should be sent in a sealed envelope with the student’s first and last name (no nicknames please) and the amount enclosed written on the outside of the envelope. Payment envelopes can also be obtained from the cafeteria manager. Money must be in the account before receiving a meal. NO CHARGES will be accepted. This policy is for everyone: students, staff, and visitors. To ensure that all checks for meal payments clear prior to the end of school, no checks will be accepted after May 1, 2022. There will be a $15.00 charge for all NSF checks. At the end of the school year, parents may receive a refund of unused money from the student’s account by requesting it, in writing, from the cafeteria manager prior to the last day of school; or the funds may remain in the student’s account for use in the following school year.

    Delinquent Meal Payment and Alternative Meal Procedures


    Billing Procedures:
    Negative balance letters and/or telephone calls will be sent weekly for students with negative balances of $1.50 or more.

    Blackboard Connect Ed messages will be sent weekly to parents for students with negative balances exceeding $5.00. 


    Procedures For Providing Alternative Meals:
    When an account is negative $10.00 or more, the manager will contact the parent/guardian of the student by phone to inform them that the student’s account is overdrawn and that money must be placed in the student’s account immediately or a substitute breakfast and/or lunch will be offered to the student on the next school day.

    If payment has not been received within two days of the call or by a time agreed upon by the manager and the parent/guardian, the case will be referred to the principal.  At such time, the student may be served an alternative meal until payment is received.

    Upon the third instance during a single school year of an elementary or middle school student being denied a regular meal during school hours, the manager must notify the Director of Child Nutrition who shall then contact the Office of Community Services within the Department of Social Services to report the failure of the parent or guardian to pay for meals which has resulted in repeated denials of meals during school hours.


    On-Line Meal Payment System
    An online school meal payment system is available allowing parents to make payments to students’ school meal accounts and check account balances via the internet or telephone. All parents who want to utilize the payment system are required to create an account at
    This service allows parents to deposit funds directly into their children’s school meal account via on-line transactions.  In addition, parents can view student account balance and purchase history, as well as set up E-mail reminders and low balance notifications.
    A small transaction fee will be charged for payments made with a credit card, debit card, checking account, or savings account. There is NO charge for viewing account balances. Anyone having questions or problems can get technical support via the website or by emailing or by calling 1-855-832-5226.


    Free and Reduced Price Meal Application Procedures
    You can apply for Free/Reduced Price Meals online at Applying online is the fastest and most efficient way to apply for meal benefits. However, paper meal applications may be obtained from the school cafeteria or the Child Nutrition Department. Only ONE online application or paper application is needed per household. Applications may be completed any time during the school year. All applications are confidential. Notification of approval or denial will be mailed to the household within ten working days of receipt of the online or paper application. Students who do not have an approved application on file for the current school year will be required to pay full price until an application is approved.