Special Dietary Needs

  • Meal service for students with special dietary needs is provided at all school sites. Federal and State regulations require a completed and current diet prescription form for any type of change or substitution to the student's diet. 

    The special diet prescription form will need to be completed by your child’s physician yearly and dated July 1st or after for the upcoming school year. Once the form has been completed, signed and dated please return it to the school nurse. Accommodations will not be made to a student diet until a form has been received. The form is available from the school nurse or you can download from the link below. 

    If a student cannot have fluid milk due to a medical diagnosis, the Physician must prescribe the milk substitute on the Diet Prescription Form.  In cases where there is no diagnosis on file, students will not be provided with a substitute beverage as part of the meal. However, water or juice will be available for purchase in the school’s cafeteria. 

    Should you have any questions, please call the school’s nurse or Child Nutrition Department at 985-785-3179.

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