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    Gifted Pre-Calculus is an intensive college level course which includes studies in advanced algebra and trigonometry. Students should expect a brisk pace, nightly and weekend homework (at least 1 hour daily), rigorous assessments that require application and synthesis of the material taught in class, and a serious, goal-oriented class atmosphere. Passive learners and procrastinators will not be successful in this challenging environment and those students must immediately adopt active, assertive postures to ensure mastery.


    Policy notes:

    • Students' grades will be calculated according to the Math Department's policy: 60% for summative assessments and 40% for formative assignments.
    • Late formative assignments submitted within two days of the original due date will be accepted for partial credit only. Students with excused absences should submit work upon their return to school for full credit.
    • Extra credit work is not permitted.
    • Grades will be updated in PowerSchool at least once weekly. Please email me asap with any questions.
    • Students who are absent for tests AND have submitted legitimate excuses according to school procedure must arrange after school make-up times within three days of his/her return to class. Students cannot do test corrections on make-up tests.


    Each quarter, students will earn grades through the following assessments:

    Summative assignments (60% of grade) assess what a student actually KNOWS.

    • Daily Math Review (DMR) (approximately 40 points weekly)  
    • 2 cumulative tests (approximately 200-300 points each)
    • 2 - 4 non-cumulative summative assessments (mini-summs) (50 – 100 points each


    Formative assignments (40% of grade) assess student progress as he/she builds knowledge.

    • Test Corrections (Only 1 test corrections assignment can be submitted per quarter; it is available only on cumulative tests and only to those students who pass that test.)
    • Key Concepts (reading/writing) assignments (point values vary by section)
    • Quizzes / Homework quizzes / Tickets Out the Door (2-3 times weekly; 20-50 points each)
    • Daily homework checks (20-40 points each) are done for the sole purpose of student accountability. ALL assigned problems must have been attempted and randomly selected problems must be done correctly - including appropriate supporting work - to receive full credit.



    • binder with paper or notebook
    • pencils
    • manila folder
    • TI-84 graphing calculator (with 4 AAA batteries)