Child Nutrition has implemented the following programs to engage students and to ensure continuous improvement with menus, recipes, meal service, and overall satisfaction with the nutrition programs. 

    Annual Child Nutrition Culinary Cook-off

    Child Nutrition has designed a program to engage the Culinary Arts Students at the Satellite Center in the design of new menus through a Culinary Cook-off Contest.   In addition to engaging the students in the Child Nutrition program, it provides an opportunity for the student to showcase their skills and to learn new ones.    

    Child Nutrition provides one featured product to the students and they have to create a menu and recipe that will meet specific set guidelines. Each student will receive a prize for participation and there will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize.  The grand prize will be a $250.00 scholarship sponsored by our local St. Charles Parish Child Nutrition Association.  The winning menu will also be featured at each of the high schools during the following Fall.  The participating Food Manufacturer will sponsor the 2nd and 3rd place prizes. 

Annual Child Nutrition Culinary Cook-Off Winners
2022/23 Culinary Cook off
  • Nutrition Education Connection Tour (NEXT)

    This program was designed to engage 2nd grade elementary students in Child Nutrition, nutrition education, and cafeteria/classroom connection.   The goal of the NEXT Program is to expose young children to kitchen methods and materials in order to better understand the overall preparation and cooking process of the food they eat at school. The nutrition education component will foster healthy eating habits and expose students to healthy foods in the cafeteria setting.

    Student Government-High schools

    Each year, Child Nutrition meets with the Student Government classes at DHS and HHS to review and taste new products and provide input for new menus.  This is a new initiative that will take place each year to engage students in the Child Nutrition Programs.  This collaboration allows students to provide valuable feedback to continuously improve menus and service in the cafeterias

    Student Focus Groups K-12

    Each year, schools are selected to participate in student focus groups to provide feedback on new food products and menus.    In addition, new products will be served at selected schools as a test to gain feedback before placing on the district menu.  If the new menu is 50-60% favorable, then the item sis considered for the menu the following year.    This process ensures that our menus and products are student tested and approved.